Mollie Makes home tour – Amy Davies

mms_74_tourHello friends, look who is in Mollie Makes this month, my very kind and wonderful pal Amy from Berylune. God Amys house is beautiful, well the house or the brick and mortar aren’t really but god Amy’s done a wonderful job putting it all together. Have you seen Berylune’s online shop? if not you must, it was my favourite prop shop in Leamington and actually when Keith just moved there it was the first shop I loved. I used to shyly break up my day by pottering at lunch in Berylune and eventually Emily and Amy and Zoe became friends. Actually Amy was one of the first people I told I was pregnant as we were going to the car boot on a Sunday morning and I knew I couldnt smell the bacon butty stall and cried to her about the smell…. ahahahaha!! Anyway have a look at the website and but this months Mollie Makes here.



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