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Neon Workshop & The Hepworth

So I feel slightly embarrassed I’ve become one of those people who has a blog linked to their website and has updated once since  the start of the year!!! ARGHH! Its one of my pet hates! I actually like writing this blog, its as much a visual diary and somewhere I can just speak freely about work, life with no pressure and is kinda therapeutic. It probably should be more work orientated but hey I’m human and not that business savvy plus I can only say having a 14 month old is a full time job as well as trying to run a business and add to that some free me time.

Neon Worshop 1

Its the me time I wanted to talk about and the start of my creative journey this year, I made a 5 year wish come true with a neon workshop day course. It was birthday present to myself and I loved every minute of it. If you’ve not heard of neon workshop, its a creative studio and gallery space run by Richard Wheater, an incredibly talented neon artist based in Wakefield. I actually first found the studio during a very drunk Wakefield Art Walk many years ago which ended in Reflex nightclub doing somesort of body popping on the mirrored floor but that night I met and commission my first piece of neon by Julia Bickerstaff. It wasn’t until Christmas that I found out that Kate, my partner in crime had also commissioned a piece for me.

I have to say the workshop was great! A full day of neon magic packed with practical demos and plenty of time to practice the art of bending glass with instructor Ali. We all had a chance to design a piece of neon and watch as Julia made it from our pencil sketches. Its a fascinating medium and the perfect mix of creativity, chemistry and physics. I havent’ as yet fixed my piece to the wall, which was a neon arrow but I’m looking forward to having my own home and finding the right spot. If your eager to find something fun to do and make a piece of neon, there are monthly workshops in Wakefield and mobile workshops in venues around the UK and the world, take a look NEON WORKSHOPS

Neon Workshop 2



Whilst in Wakefield we managed to visit the Hepworth Gallery, I had specifically chosen the workshop date as I knew there was a huge Martin Parr exhibition on and I love looking at his late 80’s and early 90’s work. What I hadn’t quite grasped was how bloody incredible with building, location on the river and the scale and variety of Barbara Hepworths work was on show. I hadn’t really looked at her work since art school and immersing myself  in it again was a joy. It was a really amazing weekend and thanks go to Keith and Martha for tagging along with me and entertaining themselves.












Workshop Sundays at Quill London

A Petal Unfolds


So I feel slightly embarrassed I’ve become one of those people who has a blog linked to their website and has only updated it once since the start of the year!!! ARGHH! Its one of my pet hates, as actually this blog has become a visual diary and somewhere I can just speak about work, life with no pressure and is in someways is kinda therapeutic. I can only say having a 14 month old is a full time job, as well as working and trying to have some sort of life. And life is what I want to talk about or my creative life.

I’ve been a big fan of Quill London for quite sometime, I love their monogram stationery and classic taste and about 2 years ago I attended their modern calligraphy workshop which I loved. So when I thought about breaking out of my bubble and just doing something for me, I looked at their workshop diary.

I love Esther from Origami Est‘s IG feed and had bought her book when it was released but hadn’t had chance to sit down and focus, so I thought this was the perfect workshop to start my creative journey and it really didn’t disappoint. A fab group of people, Esther was a dream and I was thrilled with my final mobile, even though I left it on the train home when I was trying to juggle a just walking Martha!! Oh well the few hours I did spend doing something just for me really started me thinking about new skills and how quickly time flies when your making.

So the addiction started! And before the end of July I had booked myself into another workshop at Quill  and one of my favourite IG feeds, a petal unfolds. Susan was an amazing teacher and her IG feed is soooo beautiful, most importantly I didn’t need to juggle a baby on the train so I actually have my beautiful peony in a vase on the mantlepiece and I’m just a little bit proud of myself. Susan is definitely one to watch, she was chosen to be part of the Etsy/John Lewis roof garden pop up shop and is creating an incredible window display for Quill as part of the LDF which I’ve earmarked as a must see during my trip to London.

Next on my list is watercolours with Emma Block as I’m just a little bit in love with her Etsy shop and did you see her beautiful illustration in last months Mollie Makes? If you’d like to while away a Sunday afternoon at Quill learning something new check the workshops link and dont forget to take your purse as there are some unique stationery supplies to buy, I’ve never left without a little something.

Origami Est








‘Found Some Paper’ found me!


I really do think when I write my blog that no one reads it, I’m not one for looking at analytics all the time or even ‘optimising my seo’ which to be honest, I don’t know what that really means. The one thing I do know know is, sometimes it feels nice to write things down, to share good news and to record and acknowledge my recent work and work of others. As a freelancer who spends an awful lot of time on her own, its good to connect to other people too and feel part of something bigger.

So I was more than happy for Uli from Found Some Paper to nominate me to help you find out a bit more about me

What’s your favourite movie of all time? In the Mood for Love directed by Wong Kar-wai is probably the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen, I’m a sucker for art house films and this one is particularly special.

When was the last time you sent a postcard or letter? Last week, to my friend Ellie in New Zealand. I love snail mail and actually if someone asked me what I would save if my house went on fire apart from people, it would be my drawer full of mail, cards, hand drawn sketches on envelopes and postcards.

What’s your biggest achievement? Oh this is hard, possibly one of my open water swimming challenges – circumnavigating the Scilly Isles or crossing the Bosphorus, Asia to Europe in force 5 seas.

Who is your regular inspiration? I love blogmilk and design milk both of which have beautiful aesthetics.

Which Instagram account should I follow? My friend Lizzy or her Sunday name Elisabeth Barry, shes a potter and has a love of circles, grey with flashes of red ebceramics.

What flowers would you send a friend? Anything by Swallows and Damsons.

What’s the best Pinterest board you followed and why? I have to say I don’t do pinterest very often, I find it dampens my imagination and I end up lost in trying to make something look like something Ive seen before rather than using my eyes to really see.

Which app would you recommend except the usual social suspects? Stellar or Headspace.

If you compare yourself with a city which one would it be and why? I have to say Glasgow, its my home town and well it has everything you need and doesn’t cost a small fortune to live there. Its rough around the edges a little like me, I miss it now I don’t live there but I know its always there.

What’s your beauty secret? I don’t do make up but look after my hair and have used the same shampoo and conditioner for years, I buy litre bottle of Alterna Caviar Moisture, sounds very posh and probably is but I don’t spend money on make up or any other beauty product.

Where in your home country should your friends travel to?
If you want to find a little piece of hidden paradise you have to visit the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, white sand beaches, very few people, great wildlife. You would be hard pushed to find anywhere more beautiful.


Image at start of blog post is a found image, taken by unknown, written by unknown but loved by me as soon as I found it!


Out with the Old and In with the New

www.fionamurray.com 2015So I feel a little bit of a fraud, the last day of January and the panic sets in, not the tax return panic, for some reason and I may be the only person on the planet that does this, but I file mine in May, and pay it well before January when I know I’m not going to be skint! I know I’m a geek! I haven’t written or even really thought about the blog since mid October. Its not that I haven’t been working hard, I’ve just had some big news which has kind of made me step back and take a minute.

Hear goes, I’m pregnant and have really struggled with the most horrendous morning sickness for the last 3 months. There I’ve said! Its funny as I’ve still not told many people and probably have been in shock or maybe just feeling that there is so much change happening that I’m not sure how to root myself. At the start of the year we also moved again to a small town in Hampshire.  The friends that I had spent so much time searching for in Leamington are now over 100 miles away and it feels a bit like starting again. I’m sure I’ll find some more friends but in the meantime it can become pretty isolating when your not feeling in tip top form and work from home.  Hello people of Hampshire!

In other news I’ve been working a lot on getting my website up to date with some recent work and adding some new sections which relate to what I’ve been up to over the last few years. Its a great feeling looking through the cross section of work I’ve been able to cover although I tend to be my own worst enemy when it comes to whether an image is good enough to make the cut. I’ll probably add to the new sections over the next few months so keep checking back for updates www.fionamurray.com.





Who doesn’t love a good Berylune Craft Party?

Berylune Craft Party 2014-002

Berylune my local go to shop for photo props, amazing chat and all things craft, held their annual craft party on Friday night and oooh it was fun. There were 6 tutor led workshops to make cool crafts from felted gadget purses, to potato printed bags as well as tables full of free crafts #worldpomination table and hammer beads.

Berylune Craft Party 2014-001

With almost 200 people in attendance Leamington Spa was really a crafting paradise, many had traveled from far and wide and the atmosphere in the rooms was fantastic. I have to say congratulations to everyone involved, Amy, Zoe and Emily really did work their fingers to the bone to make it happen but it was so worth while. Well Done girls!

Berylune Craft Party 2014-004Berylune Craft Party 2014-003

And these were just a few of the happy faces many with the amazing crafts they made! Oh I do love a photo booth..

Berylune Craft Party 2014-007

Berylune Craft Party 2014-006

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