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Mollie Makes ‘Tea and a Chat’


I was just a little bit thrilled to hang out with Sarah Hamilton at her amazing home in Crystal Palace even more so as the reason for hanging out was to meet up with Lara Watson the Editor of Mollie Makes for the ‘tea and a chat with..’ feature. Oh what a day we had, I had obviously baked a shed load of chocolate guiness muffins the night before, we chatted, I got to look at every piece of beautifulness that Sarah had brought back from her trip to Japan last year. And we talked ‘just a card’ if you don’t have the emblem on your blog, get it! If you want to see the story in full, pootle over to the Mollie Makes website or you’ll most probably find it in most good sized WHSmiths.




‘Found Some Paper’ found me!


I really do think when I write my blog that no one reads it, I’m not one for looking at analytics all the time or even ‘optimising my seo’ which to be honest, I don’t know what that really means. The one thing I do know know is, sometimes it feels nice to write things down, to share good news and to record and acknowledge my recent work and work of others. As a freelancer who spends an awful lot of time on her own, its good to connect to other people too and feel part of something bigger.

So I was more than happy for Uli from Found Some Paper to nominate me to help you find out a bit more about me

What’s your favourite movie of all time? In the Mood for Love directed by Wong Kar-wai is probably the most beautiful film I’ve ever seen, I’m a sucker for art house films and this one is particularly special.

When was the last time you sent a postcard or letter? Last week, to my friend Ellie in New Zealand. I love snail mail and actually if someone asked me what I would save if my house went on fire apart from people, it would be my drawer full of mail, cards, hand drawn sketches on envelopes and postcards.

What’s your biggest achievement? Oh this is hard, possibly one of my open water swimming challenges – circumnavigating the Scilly Isles or crossing the Bosphorus, Asia to Europe in force 5 seas.

Who is your regular inspiration? I love blogmilk and design milk both of which have beautiful aesthetics.

Which Instagram account should I follow? My friend Lizzy or her Sunday name Elisabeth Barry, shes a potter and has a love of circles, grey with flashes of red ebceramics.

What flowers would you send a friend? Anything by Swallows and Damsons.

What’s the best Pinterest board you followed and why? I have to say I don’t do pinterest very often, I find it dampens my imagination and I end up lost in trying to make something look like something Ive seen before rather than using my eyes to really see.

Which app would you recommend except the usual social suspects? Stellar or Headspace.

If you compare yourself with a city which one would it be and why? I have to say Glasgow, its my home town and well it has everything you need and doesn’t cost a small fortune to live there. Its rough around the edges a little like me, I miss it now I don’t live there but I know its always there.

What’s your beauty secret? I don’t do make up but look after my hair and have used the same shampoo and conditioner for years, I buy litre bottle of Alterna Caviar Moisture, sounds very posh and probably is but I don’t spend money on make up or any other beauty product.

Where in your home country should your friends travel to?
If you want to find a little piece of hidden paradise you have to visit the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, white sand beaches, very few people, great wildlife. You would be hard pushed to find anywhere more beautiful.


Image at start of blog post is a found image, taken by unknown, written by unknown but loved by me as soon as I found it!


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