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Sheila Bownas at Midcentury Modern

SheilaBownasSofa 030

Last month I was really excited to photograph the new Sheila Bownas collaboration with furniture brand Parlour. The Edwin Sofainspired by the versatile daybeds of the 1950s is super cool, it makes me want to minimalise my home and have ‘pieces’ of furniture so I can just stare at them and love them.  The details are incredible from the hand turned cylinder legs to the laser cut wood detailing and the Sheila Bownas print is to die for.

SB Sofa Frame

Chelsea will be showing the sofa at the Midcentury Modern Show in Dulwich, London on the 1st December.

SB Sofa Fabric

Homes & Antiques Christmas


I was thrilled to be asked by Homes & Antiques to shoot their Christmas Style feature this year, it was great working with a new team and a very talented in house stylist Keira. There were 3 themes or looks for Christmas and each of them had something that I wanted to take home to recreate the look, the paint in trend two was a particular favourite, I always wish I had the guts to paint a room in a really moody dark colour but I never have. If you haven’t seen this months issue its well worth taking a look and I’d recommend a subscription for Christmas especially as you also receive a free copy of Kirsties Christmas Crafts.



Kirsties Christmas Crafts – Part II

KMA Book4

Did I tell you, whilst we were on location how much nice food we ate? Its funny that I always remember good times by the food we ate, even if its Christmas dinner in May. Annie Hudson is an amazing home economist, her attention to detail was incredible and unlike many food shoots, she hadn’t sprayed things with glucose to add shine or painted on food colourants, so we got to taste everything at the end. All the recipes in Kirsties Christmas Crafts are really worth trying, the food based gift ideas are easy enough to do with kids and taste yum! I’ve had first hand experience. Its a lovely perk of my job but sometimes its difficult to say no, once you’ve started eating the roof off a ginger bread house.

KMA Book2

This week was also the last few days of filming for the new Christmas Craft Series with Kirstie, there are always so many talented people who contribute and it was a real delight to be asked to be part of such a fun team. Thanks Lisa x x

KMA Christmas

Pretty Nostalgic Gathering


At the end of October, I had planned a little trip to Bristol to see my lovely friends Pete and Sus and their gorgeous little boy, Dan. I follow Pretty Nostalgic on twitter as I love their ethos, even though my life couldn’t quite fit into the ideal and from time to time buy the magazine. So it was a real thrill to find out that the weekend I planned to visit Bristol, they were having their ‘gathering’. An exciting mix of talks, stalls selling and promoting vintage as well as some incredible live music.


I arrived incredibly early as I really wanted to hear a talk by Susie Parr, who I actually met at the door and rather clumsily said ‘oh I’m here to see you.’  I adore swimming outdoors and although I’ve not written about any of my expeditions on the blog, I’ve crossed the Bosphorus, circumnavigated the Scilly Isles, crossed the Corryvreckan and dipped in and out of lochs and lakes around the UK. More recently though Ive stopped altogether, I got the fear after my race across the Bosphorus. I couldn’t see anyone in the water and more importantly I couldn’t find my friend who wasn’t as good a swimmer as me, and since then I’ve really just dipped my toe in water. I hoped by going to Susie’s talk I might be able to reconnect with water. It was fantastic, covering the social history of water and swimming, our need and connection to water and have since read the book which I bought and I’m happy to say I think I’m ready to dip my toe in the water again. I have to say the photography throughout the book was a big part of its appeal, I hold Susie’s husbands Martin Parr’s photography in high regard after studying his work during my fine art photography degree, a master of social photography and a Magnum photographer to boot.


It was a great morning and after a pootle around the stalls and a lovely cup of tea, baby Dan had seen enough and we all went off to have some lunch in town. What a great ‘gathering’ Pretty Nostalgic!



Its funny what twitter does to you, opens doors to like minded people, encourages you to challenge yourself and also makes you giggle. Just over 3 weeks ago I came across a tweet from a fellow photographer, Kirstie Young, just up in the air stating that she’d like to have a new contributors image, ohhh great minds I thought. I must be the least photographed person on the planet. We tweeted back and forth and as we were based 100 miles away from one another, decided on Cheltenham as a mid point meet up location. Oh the nerves when the day finally arrived but thankfully, although I was late, Kirstie had a huge smile on her face when I arrived and we sat in Cafe Rouge and chatted for a good 20 minutes before we actually decided to get lost in Cheltenham.



I do love photographing people, I spend the first 20 minutes of any meeting usually just looking. We all have manurisms and little things we do, whether its tilting our heads predominantly to one side, using our hands to tell a story or touching our hair. We all have our own ‘thing’ but we’re just not aware of it. My first impression of Kirstie was what a great smile, welcoming, her whole face lights up and I really want to get this across in my images. We spent the morning diping into the unknown, too ing and fro ing, in front and behind the camera. I initially felt really uncomfortable but as time went on Kirstie led me through some poses she wanted and I did the same with her. It was really interesting when I came to processing the images too, our shoulders and smiles developed over the morning and I guess I caught those elusive smiles that had welcomed me. Thanks Kirstie for being so kind and patient, I really do appreciate it and love my new twitter profile pic!


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