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Pick me, pick me…

I’ve always been addicted to picking up postcards at degree shows and keeping them in a rather full drawer under my desk, I guess its like my own personal analogue pinterest. A few postcards always end up in frames and get to mingle with the other illustrations or photographs which inspire me. One postcard has remained on my wall for years, first in the entrance hall of my old flat, at the doorway where I’d see it every day and now on the wall just beside my desk. Its by an illustrator called Laura Frame and for me there is something special about ‘Pick me, pick me….’ it makes me smile every time I glance up at it from my desk.

pick me

It wasn’t until I photographed a group of children that I contacted Laura with an email to see if she’d like to collaborate. It had been at the back of my mind for a while that I’d like to work with other creative people to make a finished piece of work but somehow I never quite had the right set of images or hadn’t thought an idea through quite enough to approach anyone. Laura was amazing to work with, she was so open and positive and when we did meet up and I brought along some images, we talked instantly about the narrative and it was like we already knew one another. Laura had initial ideas which I thought were fantastic and it was great to know we both felt inspired by the process. It was a really nice way to work, with someone creative who wasn’t necessarily in your field. I’d love to collaborate again on another project as I’m really pleased with the final images which are shown below, each with its own story and totally unique.






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