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# Finding Friends

Elisabeth Edwards Ceramics

Finding friends is a difficult thing when you work as a freelancer, are childless and you move to a new town, 300 miles away from your home town. I found myself in August last year in this situation, obviously through choice but with no easy way of creating a network of friends for myself. I’d find myself waiting patiently every night for my boyfriend to come home just to talk to someone, answering telephone calls with ‘the morning voice’ and people asking if I had a long lie, in truth I hadn’t spoken to anyone the whole day so my voice was always a little whispy. I’d aimlessly wander around Leamington with camera in tow, trying to start dialogue with complete strangers, looking at people in their eyes and making comment on their child or dog, smiling and longing for a response or someway into a conversation.

It took me a month to start to find my feet and having exhausted all possibilities of finding friends walking the streets, I turned to the internet as most people do nowadays for dating, job or home searches. I put my thinking cap on and thought who I’d like to meet? It didn’t take me long to think creatively and I began to look for artists or makers in Warwickshire, people who are interested in the same things I am and who in my experience are friendly and open. I spent a day looking through the local open studio’s website and found a huge variety of makers and crafters, artists and potters. It was incredibly liberating to find out that there were lots of people making work which was inspiring, I made a list of peoples work I liked but one artists work really stood out for me. A women called Elisabeth Edwards, her work was quiet, detail orientated and just beautiful, so I plucked up the courage to send her an email, describing what I did and asking if I could pop along to her studio to make some images of her at work and she replied. WOOHOO!

I have to say it may have just been luck, although I like to think we were meant to meet one another. I made some images the first time we met which are shown above, and have since spent many afternoons pottering around her studio, lounging on her sofa in the den, trying to throw a pot myself which looks like a sharks mouth, cooking pizzas in her kiln and drink copious amounts of tea, whilst chatting about our lives and rummaging. Its been wonderful and Lizzy’s always up for taking part in my ideas, including being my first timelapse crafter which is shown below. Like minded people I always think attract like minded people, Lizzy introduced me to another friend, Binky and my network has begun to grow and I am glad to say that this new town I’ve move to, almost feels like home.


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