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Perfect Stocking Fillers from Search Press the Craft Book Publisher

I always love working on the 20 to make series with Search Press and they make perfect stocking fillers at this time of year. Two recent titles Crocheted Mandalas and a personal favourite Mini Knitted Charms are on sale now.

Mollie Makes home tour – Amy Davies

mms_74_tourHello friends, look who is in Mollie Makes this month, my very kind and wonderful pal Amy from Berylune. God Amys house is beautiful, well the house or the brick and mortar aren’t really but god Amy’s done a wonderful job putting it all together. Have you seen Berylune’s online shop? if not you must, it was my favourite prop shop in Leamington and actually when Keith just moved there it was the first shop I loved. I used to shyly break up my day by pottering at lunch in Berylune and eventually Emily and Amy and Zoe became friends. Actually Amy was one of the first people I told I was pregnant as we were going to the car boot on a Sunday morning and I knew I couldnt smell the bacon butty stall and cried to her about the smell…. ahahahaha!! Anyway have a look at the website and but this months Mollie Makes here.


MM Home Tour with Jonna Saarinen


Isn’t it fun looking around other peoples homes? and I have to say it was a joy to look around and photograph the oh so talented Jonna Saarinen’s. Jonna is a textile designer and her Norwegian background, love of colour and vintage and obsession with the Moomins shines through in her home which you can find in its full glory in this months Mollie Makes. You can find copies here.



Neon Workshop & The Hepworth

So I feel slightly embarrassed I’ve become one of those people who has a blog linked to their website and has updated once since¬† the start of the year!!! ARGHH! Its one of my pet hates! I actually like writing this blog, its as much a visual diary and somewhere I can just speak freely about work, life with no pressure and is kinda therapeutic. It probably should be more work orientated but hey I’m human and not that business savvy plus I can only say having a 14 month old is a full time job as well as trying to run a business and add to that some free me time.

Neon Worshop 1

Its the me time I wanted to talk about and the start of my creative journey this year, I made a 5 year wish come true with a neon workshop day course. It was birthday present to myself and I loved every minute of it. If you’ve not heard of neon workshop, its a creative studio and gallery space run by Richard Wheater, an incredibly talented neon artist based in Wakefield. I actually first found the studio during a very drunk Wakefield Art Walk many years ago which ended in Reflex nightclub doing somesort of body popping on the mirrored floor but that night I met and commission my first piece of neon by Julia Bickerstaff. It wasn’t until Christmas that I found out that Kate, my partner in crime had also commissioned a piece for me.

I have to say the workshop was great! A full day of neon magic packed with practical demos and plenty of time to practice the art of bending glass with instructor Ali. We all had a chance to design a piece of neon and watch as Julia made it from our pencil sketches. Its a fascinating medium and the perfect mix of creativity, chemistry and physics. I havent’ as yet fixed my piece to the wall, which was a neon arrow but I’m looking forward to having my own home and finding the right spot. If your eager to find something fun to do and make a piece of neon, there are monthly workshops in Wakefield and mobile workshops in venues around the UK and the world, take a look NEON WORKSHOPS

Neon Workshop 2



Whilst in Wakefield we managed to visit the Hepworth Gallery, I had specifically chosen the workshop date as I knew there was a huge Martin Parr exhibition on and I love looking at his late 80’s and early 90’s work. What I hadn’t quite grasped was how bloody incredible with building, location on the river and the scale and variety of Barbara Hepworths work was on show. I hadn’t really looked at her work since art school and immersing myself¬† in it again was a joy. It was a really amazing weekend and thanks go to Keith and Martha for tagging along with me and entertaining themselves.












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